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Multifunctional Kitchen Chopping Artifact

Multifunctional Kitchen Chopping Artifact

Multifunctional Kitchen Chopping Artifact

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The versatile and functional design is very convenient to use. Each button has a new function that will make you amazed at the result!

  • By turning the regulator, you can easily select the desired thickness for your different ingredients.
  • Multifunctional: The various knives can cut, shred or chop fruits and vegetables in all shapes and sizes. You can even make wavy slices to spice up your meal!
  • Save time and effort: With the ultra-sharp stainless steel knives, you can significantly reduce the preparation time compared to manual cutting with traditional knives. With this tool you can easily chop or cut fruits and vegetables without any problems.
  • Slice ingredients in different shapes and thicknesses: The smart design uses different sizes and settings for different results. You do not need to change the knife! Just turn the knob and select the desired result.

  • Easy to clean: The compact design can be folded for easy storage and does not take up much space. The included brush removes residue on the leaves and the practical collection box keeps the worktop clean.
  • Versatile: This multifunctional kitchen utensil is designed to chop all types of food, such as onions, potatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cheese and so on!

Safe: The hidden knives are safe to work with and the ABS plastic is non-toxic. This provides 100% healthy meals for you and your family.
Practical: The folding legs provide stability, comfort and save space. The smart, removable vegetable container is easy to empty and wash after use. No more worrying about the clutter in the kitchen!
Quality at a good price: this multifunctional vegetable cutter saves energy, time and money when you are cooking the delicious, healthy meals that you and your family love.

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