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Carbon Earth Auger

Carbon Earth Auger

Carbon Earth Auger

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Gardening can be labor-intensive & time-consuming so why not uncomplicate your gardening tasks?

Say Good Bye to Heavy Manual Gardening Work. Our Earth Auger™ will do the digging for you, quickly and effortlessly! The professional landscapers choice for dramatically increasing efficiency of gardening work.

Planting in Record Time

Our EARTH AUGER™ is the new essential go-to tool that will save your time and energy in your gardening work. It will increase the efficiency of your gardening tasks dramatically. The powerful auger will help you dig hundreds of holes and plant bulbs plants in just a wink.

Protect your Health

Say goodbye to the traditional laborious digging method using a shovel and prevent back problems through heavy manual gardening work. Our long drill auger products will eliminate constant bending over while doing your gardening work.

Build to Last

Our upgraded auger drill bit is constructed of newly developed heavy duty steel and processed with coated black paint. The Spirals on the shaft are also reinforced for durable use. The blade is made of cold rolled steel, carefully heat-treated and grounded to a fine edge. It is therefore solid and resistant to wear and your secret weapon against hard soil & surfaces!  

Universal Usage

Our Earth Auger™ can be used for planting bulbs, potted plants, vegetables, flowers, bare root trees, shrubs for your gardening work, but also for tilling soil or planter boxes, mixing seed, soil and fertilizer. The Auger is also perfect for plants that require a deeper soil depth. You can even use it to drill umbrella holes on the beach or outdoor tent holes to anchor your tents for camping. Our in various seizes available augers fits most cordless, electric drills and will meet all your different demands of planting. 

My new best friend in the garden. I was able to plant about 80 Potted plans in less than 1 hour. The auger went right through small roots in a flash. I live in Florida so soil is mostly sandy. The long shaft was a back saver and i was able to dig the holes faster than i could plant them. I used a 9 amp electric drill on low speed. It is much better than trying to use a shovel. It definitely works like a champ and I am so glad I got this tool. Jonas, Florida 

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